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Time-Saving Tips Stolen From a Fashion Week Regular

Time-Saving Tips Stolen From a Fashion Week Regular

Every industry has that unusually busy period when it's go, go, go. For finance workers, that might be end of financial year, but for fashion industry folks, it's Fashion Week—specifically, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney. Which is happening right now.

You have probably noticed the blogger outfit snaps saturating your Instagram feeds, and a heavy overuse of the hashtag #MBFWA in the past couple of days, two key signs that the industry's big event is underway. It also means that guys and girls working in the rag trade will be flat-out for the coming week, providing the perfect opportunity to nab some insight on how busy professionals manage their time when they're under pressure, and walk away with a few tips to try yourself. 

We spoke with one MBFWA regular, blogger Ally Hayward from Substance to find out how she prioritizes her work schedule during the week, and the app she's relying on right now to boost her productivity. Keep scrolling!

Run us through what your schedule looks like today. 

Today has been so full on and it’s only 12:40pm. I got to Carriageworks early, pre-Ginger & Smart to take photos with my husband for David Jones and Sunglass Hut. We’re really excited to be working with them this year.

I then watched Ginger & Smart (white and blush pieces are killer), then it was straight into shooting with Sunglass Hut’s photographer and completing an interview. I am now just at home in-between shows completing some work for clients and sending images off.

What is a huge time drain during fashion week that might surprise some people?

The coming back and forth between shows when you have work to complete. I live fairly close, but it still takes time!

What are your time-saving tricks for producing content while also attending shows and networking during Fashion Week?

Know the shots you want before hand and write the majority of copy ahead of time so you know what you need to add in that week.

What time-saving apps/programs do you use?

Todoist is my favorite app to keep my Fashion Week schedule. I use this for everything and I create little subcategories to keep me organised.

How do you prioritise what is most important during the week?

This year I am focusing on client work and making sure we get a diverse range of content. I love the entire week from the street style to the runway trends. It’s going to be a great year seeing what all the designer’s Resort collections look like

Do you have anyone assisting you during Fashion Week?

JD (husband) and I are working together, so it’s a really great dynamic. We work so well together and know how to get it done.

What tasks do you outsource?

I do most things myself! Would love to outsource taking [clothing] samples back. Ha! My agent helps so much too.

What will you do to indulge when Fashion Week is over?

I actually just booked a trip to the US. I can not wait for that to come around. I’m also heading down south after FW for some quiet time.

Photos: Substance

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