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Inside Pedestrian TV's Chic-As-Hell Sydney HQ

Inside Pedestrian TV's Chic-As-Hell Sydney HQ

Pedestrian, Australia's fastest growing youth publisher is expanding (and hiring!) like crazy. We spoke with cofounder Oscar Martin to find out all you need to know to land a job at Pedestrian TV.

Pedestrian TV cofounder Oscar Martin talks about the company's culture.

How many staff members do you have right now?

On the day of answering this (we're growing pretty quickly) Pedestrian employs 40 handsome, talented staff. We're evenly split by editorial, sales, and operations.

If we walked into your office tomorrow, what kind of things would the team be wearing?

“There’s definitely a collaborative, family vibe.”

The best thing about the team is that we have such an eclectic wardrobe! It’s quite hard to get into a style rut when you’re surrounded by sartorial inspiration on the regular. Generally, we keep things quite casual but everyone has their own personal take on casual, be it street wear or sportsluxe-inspired, crisp white shirts and stilettos, tailored pinstripe suits, or vintage-retro inspired fits. There is also a core group of "only black".

How would you describe the culture and the vibe within the team?

Fresh, fast-paced and fun times. There’s definitely a collaborative, family vibe going on at Pedestrian, where we’re all quite like-minded but still unique in our own right! Everyone is an expert at what they do but we also know how to throw our hair down and have a good time together.

What do you look for in candidates from a cultural aspect? 

I ask myself, "Would I want to hang out with that person?" to apply a broad filter across the interview process. If we (founders) wouldn't want to hang out with the applicant, it's more likely that the other 38 staff wouldn't. We look for enthusiasm, smarts, a smile, and genuinely happy people.

How do you keep staff motivated?

We're blessed that our staff love what they do. They're passionate about the brand and excited about the many milestones that are celebrated. Constant feedback, one-on-one weekly catch ups, praise where praise is due, weekly OC Awards (named after the cofounders Oscar and Chris), weekly team drinks, bi-monthly team lunches, quarterly team activities, and incentives such as commission all help.

Is the company hierarchal or flat? What’s the dynamic between staff and their managers?

Up until two years ago Pedestrian had a totally flat structure. We now have leaders of each team (sales, operations, and editorial) which ensures that each employee has weekly one-on-one catch-ups. There are a few senior sales employees now and a deputy editor. For better or worse there is a really friendly attitude towards managers, so there really aren't any scary bosses. Even the founders' doors are always open to voice concerns or suggest better ways of running Pedestrian. The company was built on ideas so every single person in the office is empowered to contribute to idea generation.

“There’s a friendly attitude towards managers and no scary bosses.”

Do you promote within or hire externally?

Absolutely, if someone is ready to step up and has the skills needed we promote internally. As there has been such rapid expansion we've made a number of external hires of late. We put a mantra over every hire to find someone who can do the job better than us. We're pretty confident chaps, so by sticking to this mantra, we have a company full of superstars.

What are some of the biggest perks about joining the Pedestrian TV team?

Working for Australia's largest and fastest-growing youth publisher, mentorship from some of the industry's most talented individuals, working with your friends in a young and dynamic environment, copious amounts of parties, team drinks, lunches, and activities, and open forum for creativity, and lots of praise and recognition of good work. We also hold bi-annual salary reviews and try to be extremely considerate bosses. 

Pedestrian TV cofounder Oscar Martin talks about the company's office space.

"Visually, the Pedestrian TV office is a bit of a work-in-progress situation at the moment! We’re rapidly expanding in Sydney so will be in refurbishment mode over the next few months. Though as you can see from the pics, it’s an open office space with transparent walls and doors for our chic meetings rooms and director offices. This definitely reflects the collaborative nature of the company and how we like to keep communication channels open on a daily basis. The office walls are plastered with a large Ozzie Wright mural."—Oscar Martin, cofounder

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Pedestrian TV cofounder Oscar Martin talks about the company's interview process.

"It differs depending on the role but we generally focus on whether someone is both capable of taking on the role as well as being a good fit for the team. If it’s a sales or projects role, we’ll usually ask them to come into the office for an initial meet with HR, this way the applicant can get a sense of the office and team and if they’re the right fit for the role and company. If things go well, we’ll invite them to present a dummy brief to our Head of Sales and Directors and this will allow them to ask any more extensive questions (and vice versa). For editorial we initially ask them to complete a writing task to showcase their skills under pressure as well as to see if they get Pedestrian’s unique tone of voice. If all goes well, we’ll invite them into the office to meet the Head of Editorial and Directors. It’s quite a streamlined process where we try to filter through candidates as much as we can during the application process so that we only interview a handful of promising candidates. Apart from being able to justify and back-up their professional achievements in regards to the role (i.e. bringing portfolios and examples of work) they’re applying for at Pedestrian, it’s also important for us that someone fits the overall company culture and vibe."

Available jobs at Pedestrian TV.

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