Shannon Aland is the recruitment manager at Lovisa, which means she decides who's in, and who's out when it comes to bringing on board new talent. We sat down with Shannon to find out exactly what she's looking for when hiring buyers, customer care, admin, and design staff for Lovisa's head office. 

What is your work and study experience before landing the gig as Lovisa's recruitment manager? 

I started my career at in retail from when I left school as I have loved fashion all my life! I have worked within the hospitality industry as well as not-for-profit, and my background for the last 10 years has been in HR and recruitment within the fashion industry.

How many people work in Lovisa's head office? 

Approximately. 70 team members.

Does the company promote within, or usually bring on new staff to fill positions? 

We will always look internally before we look externally. We have a strong focus on succession planning our team and have some amazing success stories.

 What makes a candidate stand out to you for roles at the head office? 

When a team member is keen to come into the office and gain some voluntary work experience, this is a fantastic way for the team to learn about other areas in the business or gain experience in their chosen field of study as well as showing us their determination to grow their career and learn new skills.

Do you ever promote retail staff to head office positions? 

Absolutely. We will always look at our internal talent before we look externally. We have had quite a few of our retail team move into roles within our support centre.

Does Lovisa offer internships at the head office?

Yes we definitely do. Will we always endeavour to accommodate any internships requests that come through. The best way to apply is to email HR@lovisa.com.au with an outline of what departments the candidate is interested in working within and the dates of the internship. Ifwe are able to accommodate the intern, we will put together a plan to ensure that the intern gains valuable experience during their time with us.

What's the most frequent mistake you see in applications? 

Spelling errors and not being clear about the dates and timeframes the the candidate worked in previous roles.

How would you describe the company culture at Lovisa? 

We have a passionate, high energy, collaborative team environment.

How many people do you usually interview for a head office role?  

We usually interview a shortlist of three or four candidates

What are you looking for in a first interview? 

Someone who is passionate about what they do, has a can-do attitude, and displays the drive and determine to achieve their goals.