sabo skirt

Yiota Kouzoukas is one half of the dream team behind Sabo Skirt, the online store millennial women across Australia are obsessing over right now. Alongside her business partner and best friend, Thessy Kouzoukas (yes, they're also sisters-in-law), Yiota runs one of Brisbane's most successful e-boutiques. 

Amazingly, just a couple of years ago the pair university students, using a spare bathroom and study to hold stocks. Fast-forward to today, and the pair work alongside 14 staffers in a sleek Brisbane office, are stocked in David Jones, and have well over a million Instagram followers. 

In fact, chances are you're one of the 1.3 million people following Sabo Skirt on Instagram, or possibly one of the 180,000 personally following Yiota. To give you a little perspective, Sabo Skirt's Instagram following is more than three times the combined total of people following both Myer and David Jones.

Impressed yet? We certainly are, which is why we sat down with Yiota to chat about how she ended up in her #dreamjob, career opportunities at Sabo Skirt, fashion, and to check out the company's stunning head office.

Did you study at university? 

Yes, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business and majored in Marketing and Management.

Do you think university was helpful in getting your business started?

Having this degree along with Thessy’s Bachelor of Business provided us with the skills and knowledge to plan and launch our online store, Sabo Skirt. 

What does an average day at work look like for you? 

It varies between content planning for our social media portals, stock and staff management, designing our Sabo Skirt label, and various collections and content with Thessy.

How do you split duties and responsibilities with your business partner? 

My main duties are currently focused on website content, Facebook, inventory management and staff management. Thessy is now responsible for the more creative side of the business—Instagram, photoshoot concepts, and she works closely with our lead designers for our label. 

If you weren’t running Sabo Skirt, what would you be doing? 

I would definitely be working in some sort of advertising or marketing field

How big is your team?

We currently have an amazing team of 14 staff.

Are you hiring right now? 

In a short answer, no we aren't hiring right now. We’ve been really focussed this year on streamlining our work processes. We’ve been able to cut down our work processing time by almost half of what it was a year ago, which means that we are now efficiently able to complete twice as much work with the same number of staff. This has been an amazing progression for us.

Where do you advertise jobs, and how can people get in touch to work with you? 

At this stage, we’ve advertised our jobs over our social media portals. We always welcome people sending their resumes and job interests to so that we have their files on record for any future opportunities that will arise. 

Do you take on interns? 

Yes, we currently focus on one internship at a given time to provide a thorough experience at Sabo Skirt.

Describe the Sabo Skirt office. 

Our Sabo Skirt office is a very bustling space, constantly full of music, ideas and of course, clothes. It’s a large, communal workspace with plenty of natural light and a refreshing blend of white walls and floors.

Are you part of any networking groups? 

Networking groups require a lot of dedicated time to really get the most of out them. We’re hoping to have time to dedicate to networking groups next year to enjoy all of the amazing benefits and connections that come with them.

What’s your favorite piece on the store right now?

I’m constantly wearing the Doux Vest with almost every outfit. The colour is so versatile and the fabric is super soft. I’m also wearing the Hunter Pants and Hunter Crop a lot both together and separately.

Photos: Koby Bates/ Interiors Addict